Tier 1 Armorer Patch


The Tier 1 Armorer Patch for the elite armorer in your household.

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Have you ever thought you should be recognized for your skill at building a rifle?  Maybe you can stipple like a boss. Can you make up torque specs on the fly to impress that hottie down the street?

Show them who you are by buying a Tier 1 Armorer Patch and proudly displaying it on your Operator’s Cap (or Downrange Operator’s Unique Construction and Handling Bag).  This high quality PVC will never wear out (like your tired stories of how you used to work on Recon Delta Team Six’s Mark 18s when you were in the sand pit).

No real skills?  No worries, you can just buy your way right into T1A status, and let everyone know how awesome you are.  But since anyone can buy one, you are no different than any one of the other twatwaffles.

This patch will always be sold and never earned.

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